When renting a storage unit, careful consideration into how you pack the unit can save you time and energy down the road. Here are five simple storage tips to increase efficiency:

  • Pack Vertically: When storing any large furniture, such as couches, dressers, desks or even bed frames, you’ll want to ensure that these items are utilizing primarily vertical space. Standing these bulky items on end helps to maximize less-used vertical space and allows you to fit more inside.
  • Line the Walls: Storing your possessions along the outer walls first will be a huge benefit to you when you find your storage unit filling up. Leave walking aisles between rows of items so that you can access everything easily. While you may think you will remember where everything is; it’s always best to mark boxes for efficiency.
  • Install Portable Shelving: You can purchase metal or plastic shelving to help organize your storage unit and help make the most of the less-used vertical space. If you try to stack too many boxes on top of each other, the bottom ones will crush and crumple under the weight. Shelving allows you to stack boxes safely and take advantage of the height of your storage unit.
  • Think Ahead before you store: Save yourself a headache in the future by thinking ahead now. Be sure to put the most frequently used items near the front of your storage unit for your own convenience. This will allow you to quickly access the items you need without shuffling through to the back corner of your storage unit.
  • Keep furniture off the ground with pallets or temporary legs. Use mattress and sofa slips and cover wooden furniture to keep items clean and dust-free.

Be sure to properly wrap your furniture before you store it. Plastic wrap is ideal to prevent dust from settling and to avoid moisture. Store belongings in boxes or plastic bins.

By following these quick and effective tips you will maximize storage space and will fit your items into your storage space efficiently. This will save you time and money and you’ll enjoy the space freed up in your home, garage or office.